Presbytery – How it Works

The Role of the Presbyteries

For those new to the concept of a Presbytery within the Church of Scotland or maybe have forgotten what it actually means :

Presbyteries have as their functions:

· Encourage worship, ministry and mission within the presbytery area
· Strengthen and support local congregations and their ministries
· Provide oversight of congregations, ministers and elders

The Presbyteries contribute four primary areas of support to congregations:

A: Oversight This includes undertaking superintendence visits, helping the church to develop its own (strategic) plan and evaluate its own performance, and hence developing the Presbytery Plan.

B; Judicial, ministry and disciplinary. This includes the induction of ministers and other staff, dealing with appeals, dissent, complaints, and disciplinary matters.

The Presbytery of Abernethy works within the above guidelines and therefore operates the following Committees

The Business Committee

Is made up of the Conveners of the other committees along with the Moderator if he or she is not already a member, and exists to look after the ongoing work of the Presbytery.  Tasks include planning for each Presbytery meeting, an element of oversight over the other committees, making sure that where a charge is in vacancy, there is assistance and that the necessary procedures are adhered to, and any business which may arise which is about the life or direction of the whole Presbytery.

Convener: Rev  Catherine Buchan.

Superintendance Committee

This Committee oversees the following activities of the congregations


Attestation of congregational Rolls & Records including Safeguarding SG7 & SG11. This works means checking the completeness and accuracy of such records and rolls.

Local Church Review. All congregations undergo a review of their life a church congregation including outreach, church activities etc.

Problems within congregations which cannot be sorted internally.

Convenor: Rev Christine Ritchie

Local Church in the Community

The Local Church in the Community Committee aims to raise items and issues of concern which impact on our communities and which we bring to the attention of Presbytery in order to respond appropriately.

It also aims to enhance communication about events and services in the Parishes within the Presbytery.

Convener: Mary Stewart

Ministry and Missions Committee

The Ministry and Mission Committee exists to oversee some of the necessary logistics with the Ministries Council, especially around the training of ministers, OLMs and Readers.  More importantly its task is to encourage our churches to take new initiatives in ministering to our people and reaching out to our communities, and to share news of what is happening.

Convenor: Ian Hall

Finance & Property Committee

This committee is tasked with overseeing and administering the finances of both the Presbytery itself and also its constituent congregations. It is also responsible for ensuring that the congregations maintain their churches, church halls and manses in good order


Finance. Roy Alexander        

Property: James Dunbar

World Church in the Community Committee

Is the interface with the wider Church be it at home in Scotland or elsewhere. It also has an ecumenical role.

Convenor: Rev Gordon Strang

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